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Dave Allen has been looking after the county’s archaeology collection for thirty years. During this time, he has worked on the Museum of the Iron Age and the redisplays of Rockbourne Roman Villa and Basing House. In earlier days, the Museum Service also excavated at sites like Beaulieu Abbey and Odiham Castle but now Dave’s hands are full, looking after the archives from excavations right across the area and ensuring that researchers and the education team and museum curators, as well as the general public are able to access what is a remarkable collection.

New posts published every Monday at 5:45pm so check back here to catch up with news and information about what is happening in Hampshire in the field of archaeology.



  1. Sioni Davies says:

    I have just watched the clip on cremation pots and notice that Dave is on a weekly slot … Monday 5.45pm …. I’m booked in!

  2. Mark Miller says:

    Hi Mr. Allen. I am a freelance writer with http://www.ancient-origins.net, which gets about 2 million visits a month. Is it OK if we use some photos for a story on the medieval village and graves?

    Thank you,

    Mark Miller

    • davidwhallen says:

      Hi Mark

      I missed this one and the moment may have gone – but yes, use Brighton Hill if you wish – credits Hampshire Cultural Trust.

      Dave allen

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